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High-quality engine oil developed and tested to ensure maximum performance and protection for your engine.

Outstanding thermal and oxidation stability prevents low-temperature sludge build-up and high-temperature deposits.

Enhanced engine and component cleanliness maximized component life.

Reduced fuel and oil consumption due to low internal friction.

Excellent load carrying capacity at both low and elevated temperatures.

Provides excellent corrosion protection.

High-performance synthetic marine transmission oil.

Specifically designed to provide maximum protection for IPS and Aquamatic sterndrives.

Provides excellent performance under extreme loads and temperatures.

Ensures balanced frictional properties between grip and slip.

Maximum protection against wear and corrosion.

Includes advanced additive technology with unique capability to minimize water contamination damage.

Using Volvo Penta Marine Transmission Oil ensures significant advantages over conventional transmission oils, and contributes to a high-performance, smooth operation and long-term health of the drive.